The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Juan Santamaria is not only the name of Costa Rica’s main international airport.  The airport is named after the nation’s hero, Juan Santamaria who on April 11,1856 marked his place in history at the Battle of Rivas.

Juan Santamaría (Alajuela, Costa Rica, August 29, 1831 – Rivas, Nicaragua, April 11, 1856) was a Costa Rican soldier. He is one of two national heroes officially recognized by the Republic of Costa Rica, along with former President Juan Rafael Mora Porras. He is remembered because it was he who burned down the “Meson de Guerra” in Rivas, Nicaragua, during the Battle of Rivas on April 11, 1856, as part of the National Campaign 1856-1857 and the National War Nicaragua . This inn is where the filibuster led by American William Walker was being held. This act contributed to the Costa Rican win the battle, but also cost him his life.

In honor of the holiday, Costa Ricans throughout the country attend festivals and partake in their favorite food and beverages.   It is also a nationally declared public holiday, so workers either have the day off or are paid overtime.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica