The Costa Rica News (TCRN) –The Netherlands team was notified just a few minutes ago on their disqualification from the World Cup Brazil 2014 after a long special session of FIFA presided by Joseph Blatter, giving direct qualification of the semifinals to Jorge Luis Pinto’s team.

According to the official FIFA report being presented at this time during the press conference limited to authorized media Holland’s unsportsmanlike practices have disqualified them from the World Cup.

“In the first instance, 7 players from Holland used a uniform 4 inches shorter than the rule, so some Orthodox countries cultures had to cut transmission due to being considered too provocative for the female sex, this is added the goalkeeper who entered last minute who does not have Dutch nationality legally, as it has just been discovered that he was born in Switzerland,” said Suleiman Wolf, FIFA spokesman.

“We have no choice but to remove the team and based on the official rules, the goalie situation could be overlooked, but the shorts predicament is unacceptable, as millions of dollars were lost in trade in over 4 countries in middle east, which is where the next World Cup is coming soon and we are not meeting their expectations.”

The Tico team has just gotten the news of their semi-final status but they will not have it easy against Argentina.
The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica


*Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only.


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