UCR Scientists Develop New Method for Bladder Cancer Early Detection

The method, first of its kind worldwide, was developed thanks to the use of adaptive genetic algorithms (AGA) and will allow an early alert through a urine test, capable of warning of possible bladder cancer.

Scientific Understanding of Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi

Bhajan is a powerful technology for personal transformation which helps people to live their excellence

2nd-Dose Vaccination against Papilloma to Be Given in December 2019

Starting on December 3rd, 2019, Costa Rican parents should take their girls to whom the 1st dose of Papilloma vaccine

Do You Have an Asymptomatic Condition?

Is there anything more frightening than the thought of a dangerous yet asymptomatic condition? It can be truly unnerving to consider a medical condition that has the potential to seriously impair your well-being without giving any warning signs along the...

The Costa Rican Health System, Among the Best in the World

The Costa Rican Health System has a very high-efficiency level compared to health systems in other countries. Proof of this, the elevated statistical number of positive health results of our citizens attended both public and private health...

Americans Take Advantage of Inexpensive Quality Dental Treatments in Costa Rica

In recent years, dental tourism has been growing increasingly popular among North Americans and one of the countries with which they feel more secure and satisfied with the procedures and their accessible costs in Costa Rica.

3 Big Reasons Why Self-Diagnosis is Dangerous

Gracias a Internet, la gente común ahora tiene acceso a una cantidad ilimitada de recursos educativos. La cantidad de información gratuita y de calidad disponible en línea es asombrosa. Obviamente, esto es algo muy beneficioso. Simplemente saltando en línea puedes aprender valiosas habilidades como cambiar una llanta o aplicar un torniquete

Costa Rica Leads Latin America in Fight Against Breast Cancer

Recently it was made known through the international study: “Facts and figures about cancer in 2018” of the American Cancer Association, that Costa Rica was the leader in the Latin American region with a better percentage of...

The Costa Rican Health System Aims To Be One of the Best in the World

A report was recently presented at the 57th session of the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington, where progress and challenges of how Costa Rica has been working on health issues were...

Dengue Fever Is Doing The Rounds in Costa Rica

Recently it was known through the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica an increase of 160% in cases of Dengue infections in the nation, during the current rainy season. Costa Rica is not the only country in...
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Costa Rica Will Host the First Surf & Outdoor Expo

The Surf & Outdoor Expo will be held for the first time in Latin America and Costa...
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5 Secret Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for having spectacular beaches and being a tropical paradise. However, there are secret corners with exceptional beaches...

UCR Scientists Develop New Method for Bladder Cancer Early Detection

The method, first of its kind worldwide, was developed thanks to the use of adaptive genetic algorithms (AGA) and will allow an...

The “Old” Controversy over Oil Exploitation in Costa Rica Is Back on

The proposal “Use of National Energy Resources” -read it correctly: let's exploit oil, export electricity, and weaken the MINAE- that would be...

Nicaragua Awarded for “Environmentally Friendly Global Tourist Destination”

The co-director general and administrative of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, INTUR, Anasha Campbell, and representatives of the Embassy of Nicaragua in...
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