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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Have you ever thought about how powerful a smile can be? We’ve all experienced that when we smile, a happy energy radiates from our eyes and resonates with others, regardless of the language that they speak. Smiling is a universal language that exudes out love to others, without the need or use of words. It offers positive energy and speaks directly to the hearts of others. When we radiate a true smile, it opens up our heart chakra and stimulates good feelings deep within us. Smiling can be truly healing when done in a conscious manner.

    In ancient times, the Taoist knew about the power of healing love that could be generated from a smile. They knew how the eyes can transmit this force outward to others, but also even more importantly how it can be used by turning the smiling energy inwardly to heal ourselves.

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    Back in the seventies, Grand Master Mantak Chia, creator of the Universal Healing Tao System, was giving a lecture in Chinatown, New York City, on the secret of the Inner Smile™  meditation. He professed unequivocally that “You must learn to love yourself.”  At that time, most attendees, including myself, didn’t have a clue about what that meant.  The concept of loving ourselves seemed like a cliché that we were unable to relate to. Many people asked “What does it mean to love yourself and how can we do that?” He replied that we needed to learn how to love and smile to our organs.

    At first, this sounded like a very strange concept, but it did make sense to love the things that kept us alive and healthy. Master Chia went on to discuss how people have no knowledge or relationship with their organs. Rarely do they know how their organs functions or even where they are located in their bodies. Master Chia pointed out that most people pay absolutely no attention to the existence of their organs. Never does it even occur to us to thank them for all the work that they do for us, every moment that we are alive. Master Chia pointed out how we can abuse our organs when we think, feel or express negative emotions, which places an even harder work demand on them. This also happens when we eat poor quality of foods we eat, or when we put toxic substances into our body. He posed the question “How long would you work for a boss who mistreated you by never paying attention to you or giving you recognition, thanks, love, and even sometimes poisoned you?”  Surely, not long! Yet this is the way we are treating our own organs that work for us non-stop, twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week.

    The ancient Taoists have mapped out the unique qualities and negative emotions that are associated with each organ and how these negative emotions directly affect the organ health.  By using the loving, healing energy of The Inner Smile™ meditation, you can transform the expression of negative emotions into positive emotions and virtues resulting in improved health and vitality. Learning to love yourself from Master Chia’s perspective, was to become conscious of what your organs do for you; to create a loving relationship with them, to feel and express gratitude to these faithful servants which keep on doing their job to keep us alive and healthy despite our sometimes unkind treatment towards them.

    In essence, what one can learn to do is to pay attention to their organs and not to take them for granted. For without their proper functioning, you will eventually become sick and emotionally imbalanced.  In practicing The Inner Smile™ meditation, you can find a way to connect to the profound love which can be generated from your eyes and smile and then, direct this smiling energy to your organs in order to melt away the negative energy which will promote healing.  The more you practice, the more you will understand how your organs contain the essence of your emotional energies.

    Certain emotions hurt our organs and others helped them to balance and to heal. For example the heart is hurt by arrogance, hastiness, impatience and jealousy, but it can be healed by smiling to it and radiating genuine love and compassion, which are the natural virtues of a healthy heart. The liver and gall bladder can be damaged from anger, yet they can be healed through smiling to them, and connecting with kindness. The lungs are hurt from sadness and depression and healed by having courage and being righteous (not self-righteousness). The kidneys and bladder are hurt by fear and healed from gentleness. The digestive organs to include the stomach, spleen and pancreas are hurt from worry and healed from balance, openness and fairness. Now you can see why it is so important to be a virtuous human being!

    So, to sum it up, it is important to connect with your smiling energy and to direct it inwardly. Next, feel the virtues of your emotions, then send that energy to your organs, glands, brain and spine. This directs healing love there and helps you to balance and connect you with the higher virtues of your emotional life. By creating this relationship, you become friends with your organs, glands, brain and nervous system. You connect with and understand them, appreciate them for all the work they do for you. You have gratitude that they work for you and keep you alive.  When you establish this relationship, you create an inner alchemy which helps you transform your negative emotions (which the Taoist’s consider lower grade energy) into higher grade emotions of love, compassion, generosity, patience etc.

    Just like people, your organs need and want acknowledgement, love, and appreciation, not neglect and abuse.

    By practicing the following Inner Smile meditation, you will learn the secret of Healing Love. You will learn how to really love yourself!

    How to Do the Inner Smile Meditation

    There are three vital parts to each phase of the inner smile.

    First, direct the awareness to a specific part of the body.

    Second, smile to that part of the body; send it a genuine feeling of love, gratitude, and appreciation for its role in keeping the body running smoothly and in good health.

    Third, feel that part of the body relax and smile back to you.

    1. Sit at the end of your chair with the hands comfortably clasped together and resting on the lap. Keep the eyes closed and breathe normal into your abdomen through your nose. Follow the breathing technique until it becomes smooth, quiet, deep, even, calm and soft.

    2. Relax the forehead. Imagine yourself in one of your favorite beautiful places in the world. Recall the sights, sounds, and sensations of that place until they are vividly in your mind’s eye. Then imagine suddenly meeting someone you love. Picture him or her smiling loving and radiantly at you. Fell yourself basking in the warmth of that smile like sunshine, drawing it into your eyes. Feel the eyes relaxing and responding with a smile of their own.

    3. Picture the healing Chi of nature- the fresh energy of waterfalls, mountains and oceans- as a golden cloud of benevolent energy in front of you. We call this the Higher Human Plane energy of the atmosphere, the blended Chi of Heaven and Earth, or the Cosmic Particle force. Direct the smiling energy in the eyes to this Cosmic Particle energy around you, drawing it into the mid-eyebrow point. Feel the brow relaxing and widening. Spiral the energy clockwise into the mid-eyebrow point; feel it amplifying the power of your smile.

    4. Let the smiling awareness flow down over the cheeks, down through the jaw muscles and tongue, and down through the neck and throat, soothing and relaxing as it goes.

    5. Smile down to the thymus gland (upper third of your sternum) and heart. Feel them open like flowers in the morning with love, joy and happiness bubbling out of them.

    6.  Smile down to the rest of the solid organs: lungs, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, sexual organs and reproductive

    system. Thank each of them for all their work in keeping you vibrant and healthy. This completes the First Line of the Inner Smile.

    7. Return the awareness to the eyes, and recharge the energy of your smile. Then draw in more of the golden light of the Cosmic Particle force.

    8. Roll the tongue around the mouth and teeth (create a sucking sensation) until you have gathered some saliva. Smile to the saliva and draw the smiling energy and the golden light into the saliva, transforming it into healing nectar.

    9. Swallow the saliva in two or three strong gulps. Follow it with awareness down the esophagus, smiling as it goes, feeling the healing nectar soothing and refreshing the esophagus. Continue smiling through the rest of the digestive tract: the stomach, small intestine, gall bladder, large intestine, rectum, anus, and urethra. Thank these organs for their work in giving you energy through ingestion, digestion, absorption and elimination. This completes the Second or Middle Line of the Inner Smile.

    10. Return the awareness to the eyes, and recharge your smile. Then once again connect with the golden light of the Cosmic Energy.

    11. Smile to the brain, to the left and right hemispheres, and to the pituitary, thalamus and pineal glands. Then smile down through the spinal column vertebra by vertebra, thanking each vertebra for its work in protecting the spinal cord and supporting the skeletal structure. This completes the Third or Back Line of the Inner smile.

    12.  Return the awareness to the eyes once again & recharge your smiling energy.

    13.  Smile down through the whole body, particularly to any place that feels, tired, sore, painful, weak, empty or tense. Shower these parts with the healing nectar of your smiling awareness.

    14.  Finally, smile to the navel & collect the energy there.


    Now you have successfully completed the inner smile meditation. Practice this daily in the morning before starting your day and in the evening before going to bed for at least 15-20 minutes. Results will be cumulative as you continue to practice. Just enjoy the process. Persistence and determination will lead to great successes.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the author: [email protected]

    Pura Vida!

    Dr. Michael Posner

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