The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The security forces arrested a young man in San Jose after the man tried to steal a truck, although he did not know how to drive it.

The alleged offender is known in the area and police were looking for him since yesterday. He was found trying to start the vehicle without success.

The thief is known locally as “Zelaya” and is wanted for multiple attacks in the district of Pavas.

“We were on patrol at the end of the Rohrmoser Boulevard when our colleague observed a truck that was very strange, as if the driver could not start it because of incompetence. Once he got closer to the driver he recognized him immediately. Then he stopped and rescued the truck from the thief, who was handcuffed and taken away,” narrated the Assistant Superintendent Roberto Mora, head of the security forces in Pavas.

“Zelaya” who actually cannot drive trucks nor is licensed to drive, has several causes pending in the Court of Pavas, all for property theft.

After a brief chase, the security forces also arrested one of his accomplices, a Nicaraguan named Reyes, who was wanted for other crimes, mostly thefts and street robberies.

The owner of the truck, surnamed Ramirez recalled, “This man definitely did not know how to handle a truck because he did not advance a single meter. Thank God there were police nearby and saved me from losing it.”

Officers also recovered other items that had been taken by the criminals from Ramirez and the two guns which they used to threatened the citizen.

Zelaya and Reyes will appear before the Court of Pavas for immediate trial and sentencing.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica


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