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    Have you ever wished that you could know exactly what you needed to do to become healthy, happy and perfectly balanced in mind, body and spirit?  What if you had the awareness to look within yourself at any moment and find that your innermost Presence (Divine Self) communicated to you the perfect actions to take in order to create an ideal day? Making healthy and happy choices would now become easy, because you attuned with your Spirit, which knows precisely what is needed for you to attain your ultimate perfection. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to be consciously aware of exactly what your body systems needed in any given moment? This would set the stage for you to rapidly evolve into an extraordinary state of being.

    I believe that we all possess the ability to do this for ourselves; but unfortunately, many of us have lost our way. Numerous people take to the practices of religion, yoga, meditation, tai chi and chi kung to mention a few ways to recreate this inner connection. Often these practices take many years and even lifetimes for some to hear the subtle inner voice of their Spirit, the true inner guide, which directs them to their highest Self. I know this to be true for I have spent well over 40 years of my life in the process of recreating this connection with my own “inner voice” that guides me to the highest choices for my health, happiness and inner peace.

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    Deep down, I think that everyone wishes that some kind of magical genie would come into their lives and then, by some fairytale power, eliminate their problems in a flash without any effort on their part. Can you imagine what your life would be like if this was possible? If in an instant, some or all of the blockages could be removed that were holding you back from experiencing a life of freedom, peace and happiness?  I’m talking about those really deep rooted, habitual, addictive behaviors and patterns that block the manifestation of your peace and happiness and destroy the heath of your mind, body and spirit. Would you be interested if that was really possible?

    About 4 years ago, I was attracted to a new age publication which featured an article about a widely recognized luminary, prophet, and medical intuitive, Rhonda Lenair. What immediately attracted my attention was the claim that I could experience a predictable miracle by just being in her Presence. It went on to say that Ms. Lenair had the ability to become the reflection of one’s Divine inner-voice (which she refers to as “their system”) of those who sought her help. The article described how in over 30,000 people, Ms. Lenair could reflect back to them, through her human voice, what their Spirit wanted and needed for them to reach their highest potential and be free! It went on to state how all these people became instantly unbound of their debilitating behaviors or addictions, in whatever form they showed up. Needless to say, I was intrigued, for I’d worked hard on myself for many long, arduous years, trying to break free from and transcend the karma that I’d created from the compulsive, destructive behaviors and patterns in this and many previous lifetimes. How I desired to be free of these bonds! Could it really be possible that I could be released from this bondage in a matter of hours, juxtaposed against the years of struggle and pain that I’d already endured trying to change?

    I spent a lot of time pondering this. I came to realize that it had to be possible, for all that was, is and will be, truly exists in the Now. It doesn’t have to take years to change. The belief that time is necessary for change to occur is an illusion, for in reality, no one can change in the future, because there is no future, except for what is created in the Now. Even when the future comes, it is still the Now when you experience it.  So in essence, you can only change in this present moment. By eliminating the illusion of changing some day in the future, I realized that I was ready to change now. Ms. Lenair’s vast consciousness transcends time and space, encompassing in the present moment what appears to be the past and future. Since her consciousness in not bound by time, it allows one to change effortlessly in the moment. This allows for the transcendence one’s ego, which always sets limitations on one’s perception of reality. The ego will always try to convince us that this isn’t really possible. Empowered by this understanding, I immediately scheduled an appointment to go see her.

    While sitting in the waiting room at the Lenair Self(s) Healing Center with my wife Lois, I read hundreds of testimonials from many thousands of people from all over the world that had suffered with various addictive behaviors and problems. Some people had alcohol, cigarette or drug addictions; others ate excessively or had emotional traumas, anxiety, abusive or addictive relationships; while others suffered from a myriad of health problems. Yet all testified to the fact that these problems just fell away, effortlessly, in Rhonda’s Presence! Most people could not explain their experience in words and thought it was a miracle that they had experienced this spontaneous transformation. Personally, I could not put into words the deeply profound, all-encompassing, unconditional love, caring and compassion that I’d experienced in my session with Ms. Lenair. I was immediately, profoundly and eternally changed from my experience with her. A remarkably uncanny experience happened to Lois, who spent her time waiting for me in another room for my session to end. She acknowledged, upon returning home, that she had spontaneously stopped a habit that she’d been battling for many years and to this day has not had the slightest desire to indulge in again. Lois, who was somewhat skeptical at the time, considers this to be a veritable miracle!

    When you first meet Rhonda, she does not need to know your diagnosis or symptoms or any of your personal details, for she is able to perceive your imbalance on an energetic plane where all life originates. It’s not like she’s treating any particular condition; the by-product of being in her energy field (Presence), gets directly to the source, and these issues instantly resolve themselves and simply fall away.

    I realize that most people will have difficulty comprehending this phenomenon. Like me, we’ve all been trained to focus superficially on the medical model, which only treats symptoms. The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) does not require that you believe in anything, just possibilities.

    Ms. Lenair takes you to a place where you no longer need to cling to your problem for it miraculously and effortlessly resolves. You can instantly transcend your addictions and/or emotional problems with no need to suffer through withdrawal symptoms or the many long months (even years) of the contemporary rehabilitation and detox models, which are proven to have very low success rates and are very costly and time consuming.

    If you are suffering with an addiction can you imagine what a gift it would be to be free and reclaim your life?

    Pura Vida!

    Dr. Michael Posner

    Now the people of Central America will be able to take advantage of Ms. Lenair’s extraordinary gift to humanity. She will be offering an event in El Valle, Panama, from May 14th to May 17th. Ms. Lenair will be scheduling people for private one day experiences from May 19th through the 25th.

    Contact Barry Lenair ([email protected]) for details or visit:

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