During the Current Situation, It’s Time to Invest In Costa Rica and Make the Crisis a Great Opportunity

When we say that it is the right time to invest, it is difficult to understand that opportunities arise in crises, however, in our country, many entrepreneurs and investors are taking advantage of the situation and few investments are as safe as real estate. Its profitability is assured. Whoever buys or invests now can be sure that their purchase is closer to the ground than to the ceiling of the market.

Also at this time, it is more viable to negotiate on the purchase, there is the negotiation factor, something that can hardly be done at other times when purchasing a, for example, a property. If you can afford to invest right now, do not hesitate, look at the possibilities, and consider what the real estate sector can provide for you.

It is worth noting that the present accessible prices will probably not be maintained for a long time since although in the coming months they may fall a little more, experts speculate that a period of revaluation will begin that could be maintained for a long time.

Once the initial moment of fear is over, there are enough catalysts to expect that the impact on real estate investment will be temporary, and in well-selected locations, you can find very attractive opportunities that generate a high level of capital protection.

Real estate investment is also a way to start re-energizing the whole economy. There is talk of the positive if the negotiated term is long and transcends the current economic moment, the investment is good. And if your investment is planned on maintaining in the long term, remember, real estate always recovers value even when there are times like this, when they can depreciate.

Also, the purchase of land and real estate of opportunity for its subsequent sale at the market price has always been a lucrative business; but, paradoxically, in times of crisis, your chances of profit increase significantly. Now is a good time for those who are in the business of buying and selling real estate because nowadays opportunities abound. And as the purchase of real estate has decreased, consequently their prices have decreased and these sales are real opportunities.

You must seek the advice of an expert who can guide you on how and where to make the investments because a purchase or investment at a relatively low price does not necessarily represent a good offer in the market. An investment or real estate consultant can project the amount to be earned in the business.

The real estate business is very safe, and those who have money available at the moment can trust and invest in this sector, but a reliable broker must be used to guarantee its added value. Remembering that although there are currently good buying opportunities, there are properties that maintain their price and sell well, due to their good location and the quality of their construction.

If there was ever a time to get involved in Costa Rica, the time is certainly now. With over a decade in covering Costa Rica, we can provide credible sources that can help you analyze the market and options. Contact us for a courtesy consultation for investing in Costa Rica.

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  1. Right now is not a time to buy real estate anywhere in the world and specially in Costa Rica. It is easy to buy real estate in Costa Rica but hard to liquidate. The real estate market will drop at least 10-20% in the US where liquidity is good. As far as Costa Rica real estate prices will collapse until tourism comes back to pre pandemic levels. That’s realistically 4-5 years from now.

  2. Real Estate has been declining in Costa Rica for the last couple of years with a small recovery on the coastal areas. We recommend that buyers start their search now as the market continues to tumble and snag the opportunity before the sharks get to them. Prime properties will be slowly coming out of the bushes…

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