The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – During the month of September, Costa Rica environmental companies prepare for the National Day of Cleaning that occurs every year, where rivers and beaches are cleared of their trash and waste nationwide.

As explained by Nydia Rodriguez, executive director of the Terra Nostra Association leading the campaign, this year’s Cleanup Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 20, however, this organization is calling for the entire month as an opportunity to clean the beaches and rivers.

The official corporate cleanup is to be held on September 20 in Tarcoles, specifically in Playa Guacalillo, and with the participation of two companies.

“It is in Tárcoles because that’s where much of the garbage comes from the metropolitan area.” In total, there are seven miles of beach which is cleaned throughout the morning.

She explained that the idea of this campaign is to educate people and understand the importance of these types of actions that contribute to the environment. She added that the results of the cleanup day are sent to the organization Ocean Conservancy which is responsible for conducting global statistics on pollution in the oceans.

During National Cleaning Day 2013, they were assisted by 834 volunteers, with total waste collection that reached 38,402 kilos, of which 81% was reusable material. Paper and cardboard were a total of 12,209 kilos and were the materials that were found most frequently in the area.

Rodriguez added that companies and individuals that want to participate can contact the Terra Nostra Association to be included and join this work on behalf of the environment.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica