Cult Actor and Living Legend Udo Kier Completes Cast of Dostoevsky Adaptation 'Johnny Walker'

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    (Ghent, Belgium) World’s renowned actor Udo Kier had joined the cast of Johnny Walker, the new film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel Notes From the Underground.

    Currently in post-production, the film is produced and directed by Kris De Meester (Four Roses) and executive produced by Christine K. Walker (Howl, Life During Wartime, American Splendor).

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    Udo Kier will play the voice part of Fyodor, an evil voice in the head of the main character Johnny.

    Johnny Walker is a black comedy about a Hollywood director far past his prime.

    Can a man who finds enjoyment in the very feeling of his own degradation possibly have a spark of respect for himself?

    These and other considerations weigh heavily on the mind of main character Johnny, played by newcomer Hank Botwinik.

    Using confused and often contradictory memoirs he tries to explain his alienation from modern society.

    He lives isolated from the outside world and kills time wandering in the woods surrounding his castle.

    He fantasizes about death, even longs for it.

    He feels that to live longer than sixty years is bad manners, is vulgar, immoral.

    Trailer of  the Film Johnny Walker (Vimeo):

    Short Summary in Detail:

    Johnny is a 63-year-old American filmmaker. He was once a very successful and respected director. In the 80’s he was responsible for several blockbusters. This success led to a change in mentality. Johnny thought that everything he touched would turn into gold. His ego became so inflated that eventually every kind of cooperation was impossible. In the ensuing 25 years, Johnny has accomplished absolutely nothing meaningful. . He is married to Sharon, a famous actress whom he met on the set of his last film. That film was Sharon’s breakthrough, the start of a meaningful acting career. She never stopped working since then. Sharon spends more time away than at home.

    They live together, but no longer share a life. Unlike his wife, Johnny has little or no aspirations. Life has exhausted him and drained his inspiration. For years he’s been working on a new project, but it seems doomed to eternal development hell. He lives in his own world, isolated from reality, in a castle somewhere in Wallonia.

    Now he is past his peak years, and he suffers from depression. She is the reason he moved to Belgium. Unfortunately, she spends her time rather than at home by the film set. Johnny has, unlike his wife, no expectations from life. Cut off from reality, he lives in a castle on the border between Flanders and Wallonia – a place which will cause linguistic confusion and is surrounded by staff that barely speak English. One day an unknown pregnant woman shows up unexpectedly at Johnny’s door. Their meeting heralds a new beginning for Johnny

    Johnny Walker stars Eric Godon (In Bruges), Astrid Whettnall (Yves Saint Laurent), Mieke Daneels (Four Roses), Hank Botwinik and Christelle Cornil (Deux jours, une nuit)

    People Behind the Movie

    Kris De Meester- Director of Johnny Walker has worked with renowned directors such as Lars Von Trier (Nymphomaniac), Koen Mortier (Ex-Drummer) and Wolfgang Becker (Me and Kaminsky).

    Master won his previous film Four Roses include the Jury Award at the Memphis International Film Festival. This film was also nominated in several other international and independent film festivals (Cannes, Toronto, Strasbourg, Paris, and Atlanta).  Four Roses could also count on a successful theatrical release in Belgium and the Netherlands.

    ‘Producer Kris De Meester was co-responsible for several low – to no-budget films such as  Braised (Belgium),  Menthol  (USA),  Vessel  (Australia) and along with  Raj Kosaraju an Associate Producer of a Spanish movie Por Las Plumas  (Costa Rica) that was recently selected for the renowned Toronto International Film Festival and 61 º Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián.  The film “Por Las Plumas” also won the awards for the Best International Film & Best Director at Festival Central Cirrus, Guatemala on November 21, 2013.

    Apart from “Por Las Plumas” Raj Kosaraju is also an Associate Producer of Johnny Walker and is looking forward for its release in the Fall of 2014.

    Executive Producers: Christine Kunewa Walker (Howl, Life During Wartime, American Splendor), Koen Mortier (Ex-Drummer, Borgman), Eurydice Gysel (The White Queen, Borgman), Kristian Van der Heyden (Private Number), Mitchel A. Martin.
    Co-producers: Tomas Leyers (Kill Me Please, Lost Persons Area, Blue Bird), Anton Scholten (Five Fingers, De Passievrucht), Svilen Kamburov (King’s Heart, Into the Gyre), Martin Dewitte (Parade’s End), Mieke Daneels (Gesmoord), Maxime Feyers, Kristina Liebrechts and Luc Slosse.
    Associate Producers: Raj Kosaraju (Por Las Plumas), Fred Vrancken, Lucas Tavernier and Kenneth Kerckhofs.

    Director/Producer: Kris De Meester (Four Roses)

    Trailer (YouTube):

    Trailer (Vimeo): (also download)

    Stills (low and high resolution):

    Johnny Walker:

    Kris De Meester:

    Udo Kier:

    Eric Godon:

    Christelle Cornil:

    Astrid Whettnall:

    Tomas Leyers:

    Anton Scholten:

    Christine K. Walker:

    By Raj Kosaraju


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