Costa Rica’s Coffee Fincas: A Pleasure for All Five Senses

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Coffee production is one of the most important exports of Costa Rica and therefore plays a very important role in its economy, history and landscape.

    Providing perfect conditions, particularly in the Central Valley of the country, many different Fincas, Farms and Coffee Plantations have started a coffee business, often for generations. Finca Rosa Blanca, Cafe Cristina, Britt Coffee and Finca Las Alturas are four of the top farms that all have their individual philosophy and traditions that make them unique and special.

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    Starting with the most famous one, Finca Rosa Blanca is not only ‘just’ an ordinary plantation, but also an extraordinary inn that “offers eco-travelers a luxurious, sustainable boutique hotel experience”, as its website indicates.

    A gourmet restaurant, hot tubs, massages, organic skin treatments … the Finca offers it all. Organic is also the key word of its coffee, as it actually certified by an international organic agriculture certification. The Finca’s aim is to generate good tasting, healthy coffee in a natural environment without any chemical additions while providing a habitat for animals.

    Similar to Finca Rosa Blanca, the concept of Cafe Cristina is to produce the finest coffee while protecting and preserving the native flora and fauna. Even though the farm doesn’t shine with luxurious hotel facilities, it is definitely worth a visit. The wild, rampant growing plantation, is nothing like the typical monoculture farm with the coffee plants in tidy order. Here, the ecosystem looks after itself on this small, uncomplicated and likeable coffee farm.

    Britt Coffee is the most touristy plantation in Costa Rica. Producing elevated gourmet coffee and fine chocolate, Cafe Britt is especially popular with tourists and foreigners, as it is normally too expensive for the local Ticos. Cafe Britt believes that its Fair Trade Coffee will give you the perfect coffee break to “feel a little bit of the best”. On its website you can buy different kinds of coffee, chocolates and gifts.

    The family run bed & breakfast estate inn, horseback riding centre and coffee farm, Finca Las Alturas, stands out for simply being a farm adventure where guests can get in touch with chickens, cattle, calves, pigs and of course horses while enjoying their own brand-label coffee.

    The owners claim to “offer personal attention in a welcoming, family environment”. The family business has existed for 40 years and beside coffee, they also produce bananas, citrus and plantains.

    All of these Fincas are special in their own way, but they have one thing in common: Producing the finest coffee which is one of Costa Rica’s main features, making it a popular destination for coffee lovers.

    By Alena Kalb


    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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