The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – This Thursday, April 3 begins the most important artistic and cultural festival in Costa Rica. This is the International Festival of the Arts (FIA) 2014 and is set to delight lovers of all different art forms.

As part of the inaugural events there will be a show by the Stars of the Russian Opera and National Symphony Orchestra at the National Theatre at 7:00 pm

But the epicenter as usual will be in La Sabana Metropolitan Park, where there will be a series of tents and stages for the various shows and exhibitions, as well as food and craft vendors.

According to the organizers, on Saturday, April 5th and 6th (also the day of the second round of presidential elections), no massive activities will be held, however there will be art exhibitions in various galleries that are participating in the FIA.

Besides La Sabana, there will be presentations at the Center for Arts and Technology Customs, Central Park Plaza de la Soledad, Democracy Square, the National Theatre, the Melico Salazar, and other parks, and in theaters, train stations and outdoor spaces right in the city where street art proposals will be developed.

As part of this festival called “Exhibition Road” which includes 15 exhibits from different genres including painting, photography, sculpture, video installations and performance to develop collage of various artists for the taste of everyone.

The country is including a full list of over 460 international artists from 32 countries and around 700 nationals of all branches of the arts.

The full program is available at the official website of the FIA:

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica