The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Students from the Instituto de Psicopedagogía Integral school and the Colegio Isaac Martin High School (IPICIM) in Costa Rica, along with other schools from around the world, have organized to donate students’ artwork to benefit Africa.

This artwork will be exhibited in the annual auction organized by The Global Coalition which will take place at the end of May in the Bethlehem Middle School in New York.  The funds collected in the auction will be sent to a school in Uganda, Africa to help create an orchard for the community.

Thanks to this Coalition, Costa Rica and other countries have formed a network of schools around the world that enables student to learn about different cultures of the world and to share ideas and cooperate in addressing world issues.

The auction takes place once a year with the participation of students from primary and high schools in countries like India, Russia, United States, Belize, Sweden, and Costa Rica. They have been able to contribute in financing the construction of a school in Uganda, Africa.

The IPICIM is an institution in Costa Rica that offers preschool, elementary, and high school education, with a program that focuses on integral education, developing habits and skills for life. The student body complements its academic life with active participation in projects that focus on improving the quality of life and extending a helping hand to society with projects like their Ecological Park Itarar, campaigns to save water, and humanitarian projects among others.

Due to the numerous projects that this Costa Rican Center of Education has, it has been awarded with recognitions like La Bandera Azul (five stars) and Accreditation in Quality Education by the TEC (Instituto Tecnológico Costarricense) based on the IberoAmerican Model of Excellence in Education, among others.

These types of initiatives show how, with the cooperation of everybody, it is possible to learn, share, and help give solutions to the needs of the world, no matter how large the physical distance and the cultural diversity.

By Manuel Ochoa


The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica