Costa Rican Professor Calculates Odds for the World Cup and Quarter Finals

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – New odds have been revealed for the matches of the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Brazil. The numbers show that Costa Rica is hot on the heels of the team known as the “Clockwork Orange”.

    Giovanni Sanabria, mathematician and professor of statistics at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology did a study of the game between Greece Costa Rica and was spot on.

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    For this new publication he interprets the mathematical results in the quarterfinals, showing that will be “pretty tight.” What is important is to see that Costa Rica has a good chance of winning.

    “The important thing is that according to the model, the national team has a real chance to beat Holland. Equally in this World Cup Costa Rica has had very worst odds of winning overall, despite the passion that has been shown,” said Sanabria.

    This conclusion is derived from the percentage difference from Holland on Costa Rica (6-4).

    “Everyone here is analyzed using the same variables. Here you cannot weigh more immeasurable psychological aspects as a team reaches the semifinals or when a team feels inferior to another when it really is not,” he said Sanabria.

    The model is based on assigning a number (power) to each team competing, based on the power performance that had the team on its qualifying stage of the world, data from the first phase of global powers to stabilize the team, results in the meetings and progress shown between them. Forecasts are made from the second round.

    Quarterfinals Odds Mathematical Projections 
    Brazil 44.90%
    55.10% Colombia

    France 45.14%
    Germany 54.86%

    Costa Rica 43.52% 
    56.48% Netherlands

    Argentina 48.39%
    51.61% Belgium

    Chance to win the world

    Germany 26.28%

    France 21.71%

    Colombia 19.61%

    Brazil 15.20%

    Holland 5.20%

    Belgium 4.33%

    Argentina 3.87%

    Costa Rica 3.80%

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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