The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – This morning, while about half of the teachers returned to school, the government reopened the doors for dialogue with unions and the sector that remains on strike.

The government announced its acceptance of the proposal to end the disruption of the school year, which proposed the guilds and introduced Monsignor José Rafael Quiros, who was mediator between the government and the Magister this weekend.

This morning, the leaders of education Sonia Mora, President Melvin Jimenez and Victor Morales worked together to validate the text.

“The proposal is reasonable and although it demands extraordinary effort, management is able to meet the demands of the workers of education,” the government said in a press release, after those ministers gave a report to President Luis Guillermo Solis.

“The Government of the Republic, respectful of the working dynamics of trade unions, expects an official response by the end of the day, once validated by the proposed mediator. The administration will rely on the efforts made by the Archbishop of San José, Archbishop José Rafael Quirós and his team,” they added.

“We have a lot of optimism and hope – the hope that accompanies the return of children and adolescents to the classroom. We have demonstrated political will. Guaranteeing the right to salary, complete and timely, is as important as ensuring the right to education and feeding students,” said the Education Minister.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica