The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – In Costa Rica, since 1996, the 7600 Act on Equal Opportunities for All has been in place. However, many people still have complications getting work. Therefore, several companies now provide job opportunities for people with disabilities so they can develop themselves professionally and also have an income for their families.

The Serbian Flores Arroyo Foundation provides training for people with intellectual disabilities who once prepared, can move into the workplace.

“Over 14 years ago we dedicated ourselves to training people with disabilities, especially mental problems and since 2010 we began to locate employment for people who are prepared,” said Anabelle Hidalgo, project coordinator for the foundation.

According to Hidalgo, there currently are 71 people being trained, attending workshops throughout the day to learn the skills and abilities that enable them to adapt to their jobs.

The foundation has agreements with several companies who regularly hire people, one of which is Taco Bell.

Nancy Salazar, Coordinator of Human Resources Recruitment of Taco Bell said that currently the restaurant chain has 25 people working for them with disabilities, many of whom are hearing impaired.

“This initiative started several years ago. We have agreements with several foundations and professional and technical colleges to welcome disabled citizens into our restaurants. We have opened the doors and it has proven very successful,” Salazar said.

Salazar noted that their contribution to the company has been very beneficial, as most of them are very committed and responsible people.

The coordinator also said that as a company, they hope to encourage other companies to follow their example.

Another company joining the initiative is Gollo Group. Andrea Morales, coordinator of social responsibility for the company, says that they have had a very positive response from customers.

“The company has 14 people with disabilities working in our stores and at our headquarters and these employees have performed very well,” said Morales.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica