Costa Rican Cinema Seeks to Expand Its Horizons

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – With the creation of more films in the last year than in a century, the Costa Rican film industry seeks to open new windows to the world by projecting images of the Central American country.

During 2013, five films were released that were Costa Rican productions, which is a lot for the country in the past year, taking into account that in the twentieth century there were only eight total.

With this shift in the numbers of domestic producers see as a window, from now on, will look to expand to project to the world with innovation, creativity and impetus opens.

Besides the production of Gustavo Fallas’s “Puerto Padre” in 2013, others as include “Red Princess” by Laura Astorga, “Father” by Alejo Chrysostom, “On Feathers” by Net Villalobos, and “Oscar” by Brown Dyrson.

“Puerto Padre” and “Red Princess” are an official selection for the International Film Festival in Guadalajara (Mexico), one of the leading film events in Latin America, something that had never happened with a Costa Rican film.

Productions like “Tres Marias” (2012), Francisco Gonzalez and “The End” (2012), Miguel Gomez, and in 2011″The Return” by Hernán Jiménez, and “Commitment ” by Oscar Castillo, are all examples that Costa Rican cinema has gained momentum.

Those who are in the field say that this increase occurs because the public has responded positively to local productions.

A component that has also collaborated with the rise of the Costa Rican film is the existence of a technical school for film and television Véritas Private University, which has allowed new generations to learn the trade.

Filmmakers are also looking forward to a new cinema law which has been in Legislature for several years, which has the primary purpose of strengthening national audiovisual production and modernization of the Costa Rican Film Production Center (Film Center).

The proposal seeks to reform a tax on cinema exhibitors operating in the country to create a national fund to support their effort. (EFE)

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica