Costa Rica Psychological Service Rate Reduced to $15

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Professional Association of Psychologists of Costa Rica (CPPCR) has lowered the minimum fees for payment of psychological services after the establishment of a system of calculation based on the economic reality of the country’s rates.

    According to Esteban Jorge Prado, of the Committee on Employment Development CPPCR, until 2013 the annual increase in these rates lacked a system of calculation based on the economic conditions of the country, making a professional consulting inaccessible to General population.

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    “The challenge we face is to fix a rate according to the country´s reality, responding to social commitment to improve the quality of life of citizens, respecting the professional status without incurring the illegal practice of the profession by charging very cheaply” Prado indicated.

    The fixing of minimum rates have been set as a percentage of the pay grade of “university degree”, which the Ministry of Labor updated semiannually according to the inflation rate.

    Mental health for all

    According to Prado, in 2013 the minimum hourly consulting a psychologist cost 30, 000 colones. As from May 3 this year the fee is 22,000 colones.

    This effort will allow people to access psychological consultation to a more acceptable price, including clinical psychology (that caters to trauma victims, dead relatives, rape etc …), psychology of work and industry (used to improve job performance, make recruitments, make professional profiles among others), educational psychology (studies the problems of learning and education), and even sports psychology.

    The psychologist said that most people believe that psychological consultation is for crazy people. However, a high percentage of the population lives in Costa Rica with issues of stress and depression, which often leads to physical and occupational performance and social problems.

    “These situations are associated with anxiety of possession of goods, or that people can not be procured, work or family problems that must be handled by a mental health professional,” he said.

    Medical college also reduces tariffs

    Meanwhile, the Medical College also made adjustments to the minimum fare for private consultation. Marino Ramirez, President, said in September last year that they matched an increase in the rate. However, a study was conducted and the canon was reduced to make it more accessible to the entire population.

    The payment of a minimum rate set by the Medical College before September last year was about 23,000 colones. With the agreement signed by the school on July 17, 2013 the minimum fare was 20,549 colones.

    The issuance of a medical certificate for driving license costs 18,000 colones, the consultation in specializing medicine in medical consultancies is a total of 36,380 colones.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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