Bordered by 2 oceans

If you are willing to visit a lovely country, Costa Rica is the recommended place if you want to enjoy its gastronomy, culture and, mainly, beautiful natural wonders. But why do we say this? Well, let’s mention some interesting facts about it, from the geographical point of view.

To start, this tropical land is bordered, to the east, by the Atlantic Ocean and, to the west, by the Pacific Ocean. According to experts, this tropical country is blessed with incredible landscapes and beaches, many of them formed between mountain ranges.

Apart from that, there are 2 beautiful gulfs, and many coves -they are an incoming sea portion of the land that forms a breast where they can anchor the boats to shelter from the wind. A pair of major ports are located in the Pacific: The Port of Puntarenas and Puerto Caldera.

An incredible view of this place from the sea.
San Lucas, Puntarenas

Costa Rica and its average temperatures

Temperatures are usually higher in the Pacific Ocean than in the Caribbean Sea.

In Costa Rica, like any other tropical country, there is no spring and autumn. Instead, there are 2 seasons only: a dry season so-called “summer” (from December to April) and a wet season so-called “winter” (from May to November). The differences between these seasons oscillate between 8º C and 10º C. From November to January, there are cold breezes coming from the north, directed by the mountains of the North American range.

During the rainy season, the flora remains radiant, but the dry season is considered the best for orchids, bougainvillea, and many flowery trees.

There are lots of beautiful trees with orchids in Costa Rica.
Orchid plants on tree branches.

Additionally. the best destination for tourists and surfers from around the world. Its warm waters and the innumerable species of mammals will make you fall in love.

It should be noted that Costa Rica’s coasts are considered, either by experts or visitors, as the best and most popular worldwide. On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention its jungles, volcanoes, and islands for those who want to escape alone or for familiar or romantic purposes.

Beautiful beaches of Costa Rica

But if you feel more attracted to Costa Rica’s beaches, here we mention some of them:

The beaches of Manuel Antonio Park are one of the most outstanding for the Central American country because they are surrounded by a variety of crystal clear waters, sandy bays, and virgin jungles.

The old Port of Salamanca can be another excellent beach option for tourists. It is not only suitable for surfers but also for those who yearn to enjoy a good rest in hammocks, while drinking exquisite coconut water.

Costa Rica is truly a tropical paradise in many senses.
Enjoying coconut water in Costa Rica

But if you have a spirit of adventure and want to live a less comfortable experience, Santa Teresa and some other beaches are characterized by their rural environment and constant fishing activity.

Now, after knowing these facts; what are you waiting for? Dare to an adventure, alone or accompanied! Pamper yourself on this vacation and visit Costa Rica; a country of 2 oceans.

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