Costa Rica With New Image For Tourism

“Costa Rica: My Choice, Naturally” (Costa Rica: My Choice, Naturally).

That is the name of the new campaign to attract visitors launched by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) in an agreement with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and CNN International.

The campaign will have an investment of $ 1.8 million, the price negotiated with the television network that took over the entire production and allowed to reduce the original price of $ 6.58 million, according to the ICT said in a statement Thursday morning.

The campaign includes music, filming, commercials, reductions and adaptations for social networks, graphic materials, printed matter, the digital content of the portal for Costa Rica, among others, adds the ICT in the text.

It will include 1,342 television commercials, 22.8 million digital printouts, CNN’s digital hub, promotion in social networks and exclusive publishing programs in Costa Rica, with an estimated reach of 421 million households and guest rooms. hotel.

In addition, monthly reports will be made about Costa Rica that will be promoted on digital CNN and its networks, as well as the promotion at US airports.

The ICT added that the campaign will reach England and France in Europe, Mexico in Latin America, the United States, and Canada, as well as the US airports network through domestic CNN.

These markets were chosen because they are of great importance for Costa Rica when accounting for the largest number of international arrivals to the country, for existing air connections or for the importance of strengthening in those markets, said the Institute.

For the first time, he added, Costa Rica will have an advertising campaign of this type in Europe, for which 50% of the investment will be destined to these markets (30% to England and 20% to France) and 20% to Mexico.

The Minister of Tourism, Mauricio Ventura, recalled that the marketing and promotion actions are fundamental to consolidate the image of Costa Rica as a destination. In addition, he added, it was essential to expand the strategies and go beyond the promotion of traditional products of nature and adventure, and the predominant approach to the markets of the United States and Canada.

“We are launching a unique campaign in history, to be developed in the most diverse platforms, whose reach is unmatched and we will reach a wide range of markets like never before.” My Choice, Naturally is a sensorial, inspiring and aspirational campaign, Which shows Costa Rica as a destination that generates authentic travel experiences that create a sense of well-being in the visitor, “Ventura said in the statement.

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