Costa Rica Is One of The Most Beautiful Countries in The World

According to a Study by The World Economic Forum

Each country is recognized for its culture, its customs, and its traditions but also for its great natural beauty, its flora, its fauna and everything that this involves. All these characteristics attract the attention and desire of the inhabitants of other places in the world to visit them and it is precisely our country Costa Rica that always stands out.

Costa Rica is a small country in territorial extension, but immense in its particular and beautiful natural wealth, in addition to the warmth of its people, its level of education, its capacity for improvement. It is a country that has immense flora and fauna diversity, beautiful rivers and beaches, its climate allows the land to be produced the twelve months of the year.

Costa Rica is a place where its people are full of a spirit of hospitality that invites foreign visitors with open arms. The country stands out as the first among the first 40 most beautiful countries in the world, based on a study where elements from the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum were evaluated. This report takes into account details such as the total UNESCO World Heritage sites and the attractiveness of natural assets.

The list of these countries is based on factors ranging from security to natural treasures that each of the nations has, it also considers attributes such as security, life expectancy, infrastructure, and natural resources, among other factors. Tourists who visit Costa Rica have a variety of options all around the country, thanks to the wide distribution of hotel capacity and services linked to tourism. Also, there are characteristics that are difficult to quantify, such as the case of our beauty and culture that are undoubtedly special and unique.

Here are some of the recognitions awarded to our country by international specialists in the matter:

  • The best country in the world: Costa Rica.
  • The most beautiful capital in the world. Saint José
  • The best cuisine in the world: Costa Rican cuisine.
  • The most charming men: Costa Ricans.
  • The most beautiful women; the Costa Ricans.
  • The humblest humans on the planet: Costa Ricans.
  • Best destination in the world: La Fortuna de San Carlos.

Among the attractions of the country, Isla del Coco National Park stands out, as a world-class diving destination where you can observe from sharks to sea turtles and dolphins. La Amistad National Park is also highlighted as a “singularly diverse” site with cloud forests and abundant biodiversity. The country is also recognized for its volcanoes and beaches that surpass in beauty two other picturesque and world-famous sites that are the coasts of Kuai in Hawaii and Tromso in Norway.

Costa Rica has been a pioneer in environmental matters for a long time. By the 1990s, the country passed a series of “Green Culture” laws including the National Forest Law, financed with taxes that protect forests, waters, biodiversity, and natural beauty, both for tourist attractions and for scientific resources

Costa Rica has a unique natural wealth, with a five-star quality of services, which along with other advantages has allowed its international positioning in which foreign tourist always wants to return.

Other reasons why the country is considered the most beautiful in the world are:

  • For quality in health: According to a study conducted by Internacional living, Costa Rica is the fourth country that provides the best quality, affordable health care in the world.
  • It is known as the most peaceful country in Latin America.
  • For fresh and healthy food and delicious cuisine.
  • Its permanent warm and welcoming climate.
  • It is considered one of the greenest, cleanest places.
  • For the low costs of living: The country has a wide variety of low-cost housing.
  • For protecting the environment, a law prohibiting sport and commercial hunting and possession of wild species was enacted. 25% of the land is protected and has admirably decreased deforestation levels.

Being chosen as the most beautiful country in the world is a pride for Costa Ricans, but far from the complacency they may feel, more awareness must be made to preserve and care for all that splendor that God painted throughout this beautiful country. It is necessary that laws aimed at respecting all these natural resources continue to be implemented and to maintain forever that great honor achieved by the country of being listed as “The most beautiful country in the world”.

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