Costa Rica never ceases to amaze us every minute of our lives and, without a doubt, it may be the best place to visit, live, and be happy.

The "Happiest Country" promo
The “Happiest Country” promo

According to the World Happiness report prepared by the United Nations, Costa Rica was considered, in 2016, as the happiest country in Latin America. Similarly, the New Economics Foundation through an index announced that it is the most environmentally advanced, as well as the happiest, tropical country on the planet.

It should be noted that Costa Rica got the same title in the years 2009 and 2012. These are the reasons why people from all over the world want to research more about this Central American country.

But, why is Costa Rica called the “happiest country” in the world?

Despite the fact of being considered as an underdeveloped country, it is also said that Costa Rica is the happiest land on Earth. This is mainly because of its government’s policies and the people’s interest to maintain a better quality of life through the preservation of the environment.

Moreover, it is important to take a look at the past and remember that, in 1949, Costa Rica stopped giving importance to military funds and focused on health and education.

Costa Rica is... Peace, Love, Joy, and Life
Costa Rica is… Peace, Love, Joy, and Life

Throughout the 1990’s, the national government was implementing certain laws that would give relevance to the country’s biodiversity and, in that way, encourage other countries to follow its model. Among the laws implemented, we can mention those of the National Forests and organizations such as the World Bank, in charge of financing environmental projects, among others.

In many senses, Costa Rica is a country rich in population, fauna, culture, and gastronomy. However, like everything else, it does not stop working on improving its social and economic conditions to generate greater stability and welfare for its citizens.

What the experts say about the indices that indicate happiness within Costa Rica

"Pure Life"
“Pure Life”

For the British researcher, Saamah Abdallah, what makes Costa Rica be the happiest country is ecological efficiency.

On the other hand, the expert Pedro Muñoz said, through a special forum on clean energy, that Costa Rica has so much to offer and add. Additionally, it has enormous potential of solar, wind, and geothermal energy that should be used.

In the same way, other specialists point out that the tropical country has social, economic, and institutional bases for the defense of Human Rights.

Other benefits of Costa Rica

There are too many wonders that Costa Rica can offer to its visitors and constantly to those who inhabit this country. But it is worth mentioning that other environmental initiatives are the Eco-Marchamos, which is a voluntary tax that is also a compliment, so that drivers compensate 100% of the emissions generated by the annual fuel consumption.

Costa Rican lifestyle
Costa Rican lifestyle

Every environmental, economic and social achievement that Costa Rica contains is part of its growth and courage in the face of international challenges in terms of health crisis, violence and climate change.

In economic matters, this beautiful country is among those with the most competitive economy in Latin America. Its labor rights are high and it keeps a Gross Domestic Product per capita of € 2,647 (2nd quarter of 2017).

The kindness and generosity of its citizens, tourist places, heritage, and desire to keep on working for the environment will contribute, for a long time, to position Costa Rica in the 1st place as an exemplary model for other countries of the world.

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