Places Every Tourist Should Visit in Central America

Central America is known for some of the world's best diving sites, lush rainforests and active volcanoes as well as for its ancient Mayan temples.

Get to Know Costa Rican Nature through Books

Many of Costa Rica's greatest protectors of nature, including some prominent scientists, have written wonderful memoirs and novels about their experiences in Costa Rican nature. Through their work, we can discover the powerful resonance between nature and the literature it inspires.

Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 2: Birds

An introduction with photos to birds in Costa Rica for those interested in learning about some of the more conspicuous and frequently sighted birds of the rainforest.

Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 1: Mammals

Nearly every visitor to the tropical rainforest will have heard of its legendary biodiversity - dozens of species make each visit unique and thrilling. For many, the exuberance of tropical nature may have ranked highly among their reasons to visit or live in Costa Rica.

A Dreamy Destination Wedding in Paradise – Costa Rica

An adventurous, multicultural destination wedding in Costa Rica and 3 essential tips to creating the perfect destination wedding.

Kayak Fishing in the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica

Our kayaks bobbed up and down in the Pacific swells as I lowered my fishing gear to the bottom of the palm-fringed bay. I was hoping to hook into a big Mahi Mahi or a Red Snapper, when a thought occurred to me. "Do the crocodiles ever swim out this far from the estuary?"

Who are the Ticos?

All of us have heard native Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos - it’s a term that has come to embody the warm, friendly people who have welcomed expats into their country and their culture. It’s a term that we use almost daily, but have you ever stopped and wondered who exactly the Ticos are?

A Brief Guide to Rain Forest Footwear

For the first time visitor and seasoned explorer alike, the tropical rain forest can be a source of endless fascination. To best enjoy these moments, the visitor to the tropical forest should carefully consider what footwear to bring.

Modern Day Pirate Ship, Made Surfer Style

By: Rhea Cortado The last time Santa Teresa resident Thomas Ritchie launched his extraordinary wooden boat, Aurora Delfin, from the Pochoto rivermouth during the summer...

Limón: Look past the stereotypes and find paradise

Featured Columnist – Political Correspondent - Latin American Relations Jennifer Mayer When many people think of the province of Limón, they envision calm blue green sea waters,...
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