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COSTA RICA, PURA VIDA -There’s never a long wait for a pleasure

Costa Rica was a hard place to get to in 1963. When my parents and I took the Pan American Highway from San Antonio...

Los Sueños Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort Los Sueños Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort

Los Sueños Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort has been designed and built to the highest international standards to provide the ultimate in resort living....

Getting around In Costa Rica: A Beginner’s Guide

Traveling by Bus in Costa Rica The bus service is better in Costa Rica than in the United States. Better, of course, doesn't mean that...

Costa Rica Butterfly Farm TourCosta Rica Butterfly Farm Tour

For over 20 years, since 1990, The Butterfly Farm has been offering in-depth 2-hour guided tours to the public. Depending on the weather, what's...
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Environmental Tourism in Costa Rica

‘Pura Vida!’ translating literally from Spanish as ‘Pure Life’ is the motto by which most Costa Ricans live by. Lovingly known as the ‘ticos’,...

Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 4: Amphibians

An introduction with photos to commonly sighted frogs and toads in the Costa Rican rainforests.

Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part III: Reptiles

An introduction with photos to reptiles commonly found in Costa Rica. Jesus Christ lizards, iguanas, crocs, sea turtles, snakes and more!

Community Service Programs in Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica, teens hike volcanoes, learn Spanish, and observe the planet’s rarest flora and fauna. Most tours are balanced, allowing young adults time with their peers, host families, and community members. They work, practice Spanish, and tour the country.

What hotels will do to stand out from the crowd

Around the world, there are accommodation options to suit the needs of everyone. From cheap hostels with shared bathrooms to luxury resorts where the staff cater to your every need. Other hotels put a great effort into making the visit an eye-popping experience for their guests.

Ancient cultures and prehistoric discoveries in Costa Rica

Three archeological sites in various parts of Costa Rica give an interesting glimpse into pre-Columbian life.
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