Guide to the most popular volcanoes in Costa Rica

We have created a guide to the most popular volcanoes in Costa Rica for you to visit and adventure. Since we have almost entered...

A Brief Guide to Rain Forest Footwear

For the first time visitor and seasoned explorer alike, the tropical rain forest can be a source of endless fascination. To best enjoy these moments, the visitor to the tropical forest should carefully consider what footwear to bring.
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The 6 best places to enjoy rural tourism in Costa Rica

While suntanning in front of the sea in a beach chair will never go out of style and will never cease to be pleasant,...

Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 2: Birds

An introduction with photos to birds in Costa Rica for those interested in learning about some of the more conspicuous and frequently sighted birds of the rainforest.

2016 Global Peace Index: Costa Rica is the best country located in Central America...

The 2016 Global Peace Index (GPI, for its acronym in English) prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace, puts Costa Rica as the...
10 Exciting Things To Do in Tamarindo | TCRN

10 Exciting Things To Do in Tamarindo

Check out this list of the 10 most exciting things to do in Tamarindo and you’re sure to have a great time on your...

The most popular foods in each district

It is well known that Costa Rica has great cultural wealth, a mixture of traditions, folklore and years of healthy coexistence of different ethnic groups,...

Guide to the best bars in San José

It’s finally Friday! And we know that many walk around, looking for where to go out at night, with friends or as a couple,...

Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 1: Mammals

Nearly every visitor to the tropical rainforest will have heard of its legendary biodiversity - dozens of species make each visit unique and thrilling. For many, the exuberance of tropical nature may have ranked highly among their reasons to visit or live in Costa Rica.

Paranormal Pura Vida: Haunted Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans-expats and locals alike- also seem to have caught the ghost-hunting bug. So the question arises: Where can you find haunted locations in Costa Rica?
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