Intermittent Fasting and Depression: Is the Fad Diet Really Effective Against This Disorder?

    Currently, depression and anxiety are the most frequent psychological disorders in the world, and the situation generated by the Covid-19 pandemic

    Costa Rica Stands Out in Solidarity Tourism

    Costa Rica's effort to make tourism increasingly inclusive and accessible was recognized with the award for the best solidarity tourism project

    Tourists Can Now Discover and Enjoy the Natural Attractions of Bijagua and Río Celeste

    The Río Celeste and Bijagua areas are characterized by having a unique natural wealth.

    9 Tips for Accepting Changes in Life

    Life is a constant and unstoppable change, but necessary. However, we find it hard to accept it; because change always means losing, and we tend to resist that pain.

    For Every ¢1,000 Tico Consumers Spend Only ¢115 On “Tastes” Such As Entertainment And Leisure

    The telecommunications company Tigo Costa Rica also reported that its internet traffic grew by 42% between 2019 and 2022.

    Costa Rica Will Have a Seal to Certify Organic Products

    Costa Rica has more than ten thousand certified hectares dedicated to organic agricultural production

    A Medical Team Reports the Fourth Case of a Patient Cured of HIV

    A man who has lived with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) since the 1980s has been cured, his doctors said. To treat the leukemia

    Costa Rica Advocates for International Aid to Address the Latin American Migration Crisis

    The Government of Costa Rica will maintain its historical policy of humanitarian attention for refugees,

    Obesity Could Subtract Up to 8 Years of Your Life

    Obesity and overweight are understood as the excessive accumulation of fat, which tends to be detrimental to the health and well-being of individuals.

    Canada Will Increase Spending on Medical Cannabis for its War Veterans

    The Canadian government will increase this year the money allocated to therapeutic cannabis for its war veterans
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    Carbonated Water and Organic Matter Found on Asteroid ‘Ryugu’

    The team that has investigated the samples of the remote asteroid Ryugu found carbonated water with salts and organic matter inside
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