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    Costa Rica Stands Out in the International Ranking: “Cities of The Future”

    “San José is the third city of the future in the Americas” according to the Foreign Direct Investment Strategy and the “second in human capital and lifestyle of medium-sized cities”. This was announced by the international magazine fDi Intelligence,...

    How to Identify False Information On The Web?

    Known as "Fake News", information created as if it were real with the intention of misinforming in order to manipulate the masses and spread false news through, mainly, social networks. But there are a series of checks that people...

    The Development of Artificial Intelligence Continues its Unstoppable Advance

    Technological singularity is defined as the point from which a civilization has reached such a technological development that it has no turning back. From that moment on, it will not be possible to predict the direction or the consequences...

    Digital Mask Application Is Now Enabled in Costa Rica

    Since this past Wednesday, Costa Rica joined the list of more than 60 countries that enabled the COVID-19 contact notification service created by Google and Apple. It was baptized, locally, as Digital Mask and can now be activated by...

    Costa Rica Aspires to be the Regional Cyber Security Hub

    The governments of Costa Rica and Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in cyber security, an initiative launched in 2019 with training and advisory activities with the aim of strengthening the cyber security tools of the Latin...

    Remote or Offshore Workers: What Will Happen to Them After the Pandemic?

    the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom unanimously held that a group of Uber drivers were workers, granting them the status of “worker”

    How to Protect Yourself from Digital Scammers

    In Costa Rica, a phishing campaign was detected, which is related to the municipal sector and the certified digital signature In this regard, phishing is becoming more and more common. It is a type of fraud where personal data...

    How To Have More Visits On Your Website

    A tool that is responsible for optimizing the content of a website so that it responds to the searches generated by users in search engines such as Google or Bing.

    Venezuelan Biologist Researches into the Microbiome of Remote Indigenous Communities from South America (Part 2)

    Antimicrobial practices The Venezuelan microbiologist recalled the findings of her research. The mouth has a large number of bacteria, many of which are not harmful and are even beneficial. However, others can cause infections. "It is fascinating", she says. "You...

    Venezuelan Biologist Researches the Microbiome of Remote Indigenous Communities from South America (Part 1)

    25 years ago, Venezuelan microbiologist María Gloria Domínguez Bello, from Caracas, began doing research with indigenous communities. That experience has been very revealing, and not just in scientific terms. When she talks about her incursions into the South American jungle,...
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    Tips to Prevent Back Pain

    Preventing back pain is something that we do not usually attend to and that should change, since it has...
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