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    Can I Get Fired Via Internet In Costa Rica?

    Last week 900 employees of the mortgage firm in the United States were announced their dismissal through a video call from Zoom. The news traveled the world leaving open a question: is it valid to fire an employee...

    The Protection of Personal Data in Costa Rica, An Essential Issue

    In 2011, the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica approved the “Law for the Protection of the Person Against the Processing of their Personal Data”, and its regulations. The latter was subject to a reform to specify the scope of...

    The Safety Of Future Electric Air Taxis Is In The Hands Of Costa Ricans

    The company Avionyx, based in the country, signed a service provision contract with Joby Aviation for the verification of the software that will operate the aircraft

    The Christmas Star: How and When You Can See Leonard’s Comet with the Naked Eye

    The astro-baptized by some as the: "Christmas comet" - was discovered only in January of this year, when it was between Mars and Jupiter, and NASA scientists have already traced the orbit that it is following towards the Sun. The...

    This Month the “Electric Route San José-Panama City” Will Be Inaugurated

    A person will perfectly be able to drive from San José to Panama City in an electric vehicle and not have a range of anxiety, since both countries, with public-private investment, installed chargers along the route so as not...

    Costa Rican Science Academy Organizes a “View the Stars” Party to Inaugurate Astronomical Season

    In December the season of astronomical activities begins and to encourage sky observation, the Costa Rican Science and Tecnology Academy (CIENTEC)Foundation

    Waze Vs Google Maps: What Are The Differences

    In maps and routes applications, there are those who prefer Waze and there are those who prefer Google Maps. They are two applications that, in addition to belonging to Google, have as many things in common as there are...

    What Is The Neutral Network And How Could It Revolutionize Telecommunications In Costa Rica

    Open neutral networks allow access to any telecommunications service provider and provide customers with high-quality, free-choice services provided by a stable and long-term sustainable ecosystem

    86,3%of Remote Workers in Costa Rica Started This Modality Due to The Pandemic

    Until the middle of the year, Costa Rica had 2,068,604 employed persons, that is, with a job; of them 14.3% were remote workers.

    “Pura Gente”: A Photographic Project that Portrays the Best of Costa Rica

    The search for the writers was not an easy task for the brother photographers, either. A huge search was carried out to find those who could feel a true connection with their characters
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    Our Days Are Numbered: This Will Happen to Earth When the Sun Explodes

    In about 5 billion more years, the Sun will not be seen as we know it, since, like all things, the star's days are numbered and it will eventually cease to exist.
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