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    More Than 13 Percent of Ticos are Remote Working Permanently

    With the start of COVID-19, the remote working modality became relevant compared to previous years, so the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) included a teleworking module within the Continuous Employment Survey (ECE).

    NASA Begins Transportation of Its “Lunar Megarocket” to a Launch Pad

    NASA's new giant rocket began its first transfer to a launch pad on Thursday to undergo a series of tests that, if successful, will allow it to embark on its mission to reach the Moon this summer.The SLS rocket...

    Virtual Migrants Contribute to Reduce the Dismissal of Local Talent

    That is, those workers who, without moving from their countries of origin, origin, provide services for clients or companies outside the country.

    Costa Rica And Panama Among The Best Countries In The World For Digital Nomads

    Costa Rica and Panama were ranked among the 10 most attractive countries in the first 'Travel and Work Index' developed by Kayak, the travel platform. The current health pandemic has promoted remote work and concepts that were not previously...

    Artificial Intelligence Will Become an Ally to Combat Illegal Logging in Costa Rica

    Carrying out measurements using artificial intelligence, instead of traditional methods

    Technological Advances Are Reflected In Tools Like Linktree

    Digital tools make it easier for us to manage our companies, allowing a better visualization of the various campaigns and products, embodied in videos, websites and much more...

    6 Out of 10 Costa Ricans Assure That Social Networks Encourage Infidelity

    A survey carried out by UNIMER on the occasion of the Day of Love and Friendship -on February 14th- revealed that a high percentage of Costa Ricans think that social networks stimulate infidelity.UNIMER interviewed 287 men and women over...

    Navigating a Sea of Data without Shipwrecking: The Challenge of the Modern Company

    according to the most recent installment of IDC in its 2022 agenda predictions for CIOs. In order to accomplish this, accessing

    Costa Rica’s Second Space Mission Seeks Cure For The Panama Disease, A Plague That Causes Banana Plantations To Wilt Worldwide

    Banana is a tropical crop that is part of the basic diet of 400 million people worldwide. Banana production has been affected by the denominated Panama disease which is considered one of the most destructive fungal diseases recorded in banana history

    Collaborative Spaces Enhance Networking in Costa Rica

    This type of collaboration during unplanned interaction stimulates creativity, which leads to innovation.
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    Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica Sign Agreement to Protect the Marine Corridor in the Pacific Ocean.

    An important environmental agreement was signed by the environment ministers of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica
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