Sangha and Spiritual Friendship

    Across Oceans and Centuries

    The Problem of Evil

    Soaring Beyond Desolation

    The Art of Questioning Together

    A Different Order of Consciousness

    The Scientific and Religious Minds

    muir woods

    The UN Comes Up to the Mark

    Regarding Religionists and Atheists

    Thought Is a Single Stream

    The Blackest of the Black Sheep

    Beyond Belief

    Meditation, Illumination, and Revolution

    Man Is Still a Barbarian

    A Nation of Narcissists

    The 2012 Mayan Prophecy: Renewal or Apocalypse?

    Emptying the Mind, Expanding the Heart

    “Color Is God”

    Buddhism Doesn’t Transplant Well

    Synapses of Insight

    A Meditation on Time and Death

    The Lingering Echo of Rousseau

    A Global Shift in Consciousness?

    Suicide Isn’t Painless

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