Technology Is No Mystery

    Wellsprings of Insight

    What Is a Good Citizen?

    end violence

    Ending Violence Against Women

    No More ad Hominids

    There’s No Such Thing As a Healthy Self

    Regarding Guilt and Responsibility

    The War Against Plastics (2)

    Mindfulness Is Meditation

    The 2012 Mayan Prophecy: Renewal or Apocalypse?

    facebook page: In Support of a Free Egypt

    Egypt: The Global Context

    Where Did Man Go Wrong?

    Black Narcissus

    The Problem With Buddhism

    american flag

    The Tucson Tragedy and the Soul of a Nation

    From Sentience to Sapience

    How to Become an International Hero

    America v. World

    The Question

    A Neuroscientist’s Nightmare

    The Light of Insight

    Breakthroughs in Human Evolution

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