tron: legacy movie review

Film Review: Tron: Legacy

Sam realizes he's the only one who can restore things to their normal state, so he builds himself a team in order to escape the virtual world while fixing his Shakespearean papa problems and looking nice in neon accessories.
puerto viejo - taxis block road in protest

Puerto Viejo Cabbies Block Roads

Taxi drivers in Puerto Viejo took action against poor road conditions. Tuesday, February 1, dozens of cabbies blocked all routes into and out of town.

AM Costa Rica biting the hands that feed them

By Rodgers Bestgen, Atenas.I find it hard to fathom how a high volume readership publication like AM Costa Rica could be so irresponsible reporting...
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Tax reform raises the cost of buying and owning a car

A tax bill was presented by the government last Monday that proposes an increase of 10 percentage points in the selective consumption tax and a rise of 2.5% to 3% transfer tax on vehicles.

Costa Rica will now publish new laws in digital format

An agreement of the Administrative Board of the National Press, endorsed Tuesday by the Governing Council, will allow bills, laws, agreements and executive orders to have the same force on the internet as on paper.
costa rica movie review - tangled

Film Review: Tangled

Tangled is perhaps the studio’s finest movie in almost a decade (not counting Pixar co-productions, of course). They take the tale of long-haired Rapunzel and turn it into a simple fairy tale, without an inkling of the pop culture references and dirty humor animated films have made us used to by now.
little fockers in costa rica

Film Review: Little Fockers

Devoid of any of the inventive humor that made its first installment funny and sincere if uninventive, this franchise has been squeezed so much over the last decade that the only thing that might elicit a giggle from this one is its title.

Film Review: The Tourist

Grab two of the biggest movie stars on the planet, throw in an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, set the action in romantic Venice, then just...

Frustrated with bureaucratic incompetence in Costa Rica

We imported a car from Canada in July and dutifully paid all the taxes, got the marchamo and riteve etc. Upon going to get the marchamo renewed for 2011, we are now being advised that they have no record of it being registered!

Ex-president Zelaya says he will return in 2011

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya plans to return in 2011 from exile in the Dominican Republic to continue his political project of reshaping Honduras.
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