Do You Accept the Challenge to Slow Climate Change?

What happens when two university students take to the streets with nothing but a white board and a video camera? Parque La Libertad’s “accept...
costa rica school

Top 20 High Schools in Costa Rica

The results are in! See how your colegio ranks against other high schools in Costa Rica. EKA, the empresarial magazine, recently published a list of...
private schools costa rica

Private Schools in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - In the late 19th Century private schools and education in Costa Rica was under full control of the...
teaching abroad

Teaching English in Costa Rica – Advice from an ESL Professional

It’s true that Costa Rica currently has a high demand for ESL teachers. However, before you book your one-way ticket, there are some things you should consider.

ZCS reaching out to Costa Rica

Zeeland Christian School continues to spread its wings and its influence beyond the confines of its building on Central Avenue.For years, the school has...
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