FDA approves new life-extending drug for the treatment of melanoma

Yervoy is the first melanoma drug to receive FDA approval in 13 years, and is proven to extend overall survival and improve the quality of life for advanced stage melanoma patients and those with metastasis.

Daily use of sunscreen prevents melanoma

A new study proves that melanoma can be prevented by daily use of sunscreen. What type of sunblocks should you use and are they available in Costa Rica?

Stop the effects of aging with antioxidants!

Slow down aging and disease with all the wonderfully abundant antioxidants available here in Costa Rica.

Stress Can Lead to Increase in Belly Fat

Maybe you’re wondering why you can't get rid of that belly fat no matter how much you watch your diet or exercise. Let me enlighten you!

Smoking Ban in Costa Rica

The anti-smoking bill was the topic of debate last Monday in the Legislative Assembly commission in Costa Rica.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: Cosmetic Surgery

Costa Rica has more to it than just beautiful scenery. It has a thriving medical economy and one that is considerably more affordable than popular destinations such as the USA and Europe.

Chocolate May Exacerbate Acne

At the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, a group of researchers found that the consumption of pure chocolate made of 100% cocoa can exacerbate facial acne vulgaris within days in people who are acne prone.

Costa Rica flu vaccination available January 10

The national campaign of vaccination against seasonal influenza will begin on Monday January 10, giving priority to the elderly and the chronically ill.

First skin transplant in Costa Rica received by child

After 133 days of hospitalization, a child of nine years has a new lease on life thanks to the first skin transplant done in...

Costa Rica Retirement: Lower Costs, Higher Lifestyle

Featured Columnist – Retirement & Living Kat Sunlove TCRN Volunteer: So let’s talk money. Just how much can you save by living as a pensionado here in Costa...
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