Yogarte, Yoga, Meditation, and Art in La Sabana

For all of those that like yoga, art. live music and to visits art galleries, they will be interested in this opportunity. the FESTIVAL YOGARTE program combines...

Costa Rica Health Care: Public or Private?

Kat Sunlove, For some weeks now there has been the threat of a strike by health workers at Costa Rica’s national medical group, the Caja...

Costa Rica leader for dental health tourism

Costa Rica offers dental care, and at a very high quality, to those looking to save some money. And by coming to Costa Rica for dental work, patients have the option to vacation in paradise at the same time.

Eating Chocolate can Protect the Skin from UV Light

In human subjects flavanol-rich chocolate improved cardiovascular risk factors including cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and endothelial function.

Food and Politics

More than likely, you've never had a passing thought about whether or not your lunch is making big bucks for a number of politicians, but you should.

Food combination: An effective method for eating healthy and losing weight

Eating healthy and trying to lose a few pounds can just be downright confusing. Laura Leff introduces us to an effective method to eat right while shedding weight.

FDA approves new life-extending drug for the treatment of melanoma

Yervoy is the first melanoma drug to receive FDA approval in 13 years, and is proven to extend overall survival and improve the quality of life for advanced stage melanoma patients and those with metastasis.

Daily use of sunscreen prevents melanoma

A new study proves that melanoma can be prevented by daily use of sunscreen. What type of sunblocks should you use and are they available in Costa Rica?

Stop the effects of aging with antioxidants!

Slow down aging and disease with all the wonderfully abundant antioxidants available here in Costa Rica.

Stress Can Lead to Increase in Belly Fat

Maybe you’re wondering why you can't get rid of that belly fat no matter how much you watch your diet or exercise. Let me enlighten you!
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