International Soil Conservation Day: The Impact of Erosion

    Productive soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture without which there can be no prosperity or progress

    93% Of Agropoisons Used in Costa Rica are Highly Hazardous Pesticides

    Bloque Verde, referred to the Environmental Performance Index, carried out by the North American universities of Yale and Columbia

    Guanacaste Has One of the Most Spectacular Beaches In the World

    Costa Rica has the best beach in the world for 2022, according to the specialized site Big 7 Travel which focuses on tourism

    Costa Rica Seeks to Become the First Country in the World To Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem

    Daily around 40 tons of plastic waste are not collected or recycled in Costa Rica, which means that they remain in the environment

    The Smoky Giants of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica captivates with its beaches bordered by tropical vegetation, which surround it to the east (Caribbean Sea) and the west

    34 Endangered Felines Have Been Run Over in the First Half of 2022

    34 species of endangered felines have been registered as dead due to outrage

    La Niña, Phenomenon Influences the Formation of three Tropical Cyclones in the Next Four Months that could affect Costa Rica

    The “La Niña” Phenomenon is responsible for causing the conditions for the formation of tropical cyclones

    Urgent Actions in Favor of the Oceans are Needed

    Despite the many calls and warnings about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, the outlook remains critical. In the most recent report on climate change, released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), urgent action is requested. Costa...

    Lily Cabezas and Her Life Purpose with Nature

    At present, the fact of being conscious of the actions towards the environment is something that the world has been reinforcing little by little. More and more groups are becoming known in communities in countries like Costa Rica, where...

    “Costa Rica, the Awakening of Nature”, Goes Around the World and is now Broadcast by National Geographic

    "Costa Rica, the Awakening of Nature" is a series of 3 films, each lasting one hour that was commissioned by the Franco Alemán Arte channel (European cultural channel) to publicize the exuberant nature of Costa Rica. This production which...
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    Crisis in Panama Leaves Losses of US$500 Million for Agribusiness

    The blockades and protests that began more than 2 weeks ago in Panama against the high cost of living have caused losses of around 500 million dollars
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