Montezuma: surfing, yoga and dancing until dawn

    To Our Readers: Since we received such an enormous positive response from my first article, I decided to write another one. This time on Montezuma! Feel free to provide additional information to what is presented here and if you'd like...

    Puerto Viejo: Reggae, Reefer and Relaxation

    To Our Readers: We thought we would put together a small travel article on our recent trip to Puerto Viejo, a hip, rocking Rasta town on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. I've tried to focus more on the budget traveler here...

    End of the year travel is hitting its peak

    By TCRN Staff Thousands of Costa Ricans and foreign tourists continue to arrive at bus stations in San Jose to take the final week of the year and go for a vacation or to visit relatives and to compensate, the...

    Eco hotel Waterfall Villas now offers Detox Yoga Retreat

    Exclusive boutique eco hotel Waterfall Villas now offers a specialized Detox Yoga Retreat. To relieve stress and undergo a healing process detoxification offers a solution for vibrant health. This retreat takes place in the oxygen rich rainforest in a...

    Hidden Natural Treasure of the Pacific Ocean

    The first group of hammerhead sharks came straight toward us. They were three to four meters long and their self-confident approach caused us to take cover behind overhanging rocks 25 meters below the surface. Soon after, a congregation of...

    Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Escape

    This is a great video featuring Puerto Viejo, one of the best spots on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. For more TCRN travel info CLICK HERE or visit our FACEBOOK page!  

    Costa Rica Travel Agency Goes Green

    MORAVIA, COSTA RICA- Costa Rica Sunsets has become one of the most successful local travel agencies despite the poor economy, but its owner, Victor Campos, decided success just was not enough. He decided the company should also take steps...

    Surfers Rejoice! New Discounted Flights to Costa Rica

    BY HILLARD GROSSMAN Quicker air routes, cheaper flights and less expensive surfboard fees are giving Central Florida surfers an economical way to catch some waves off the coasts of Costa Rica and other Central America surfing hot spots. Tonight at Orlando...

    Pacuare Lodge Honored

    Pacuare Lodge: Costa Rica’s quintessential whitewater rafting eco-resort has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as a finalist in the Preservation and Doing it All categories of the 2009 World Saver Awards. As part of Pacuare Lodge’s sustainable tourism program...

    Latin America Combats Drugs

    By Justin Anthony Monarez - The last four decades of efforts to subdue cartel violence and illicit drug trafficking in the Western Hemisphere have not gone to waste. Washington, D.C. - infoZine - Scripps Howard Foundation Wire - But with...
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    More than 48 Thousand People have Entered Panama Through the Darién Jungle this Year

    Thousands of migrants cross Central America and part of South and North America, in search of obtaining a stable economic condition and better living conditions in their final destination
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