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    New Spanish School in Nosara offer courses for foreign residents

    By Marcia Banes “I don’t speak Spanish” is a phrase that you might expect to hear in Nosara from a visiting Tourist, but it is more often used by many of Nosara’s long term residents who speak little or no...

    Nosareños Will Spend the Winter Without a Retaining Dam

    By Oliver Pérez Each year the Nosareños are affected by the floods caused by the growth of the Nosara River and, since there won't be a retaining wall, or dam, that will prevent the water from reaching many homes in...

    Intercultura: Language, Culture and Adventure

    The School Intercultura Language School offers a series of 18 courses designed by curriculum specialists, using interactive small groups in an environment of total immersion in Latin American culture. Classes are 4 hours per day, Monday to Friday. Our professors...

    New book on Osa highlights region

    by TCRN Staff The spectacular natural wealth of the Osa was expressed in the pages of the new book Bear: Where the rainforest meets the seaby the photographer Roy Toft and biologist Trond Larsen, both Americans. A total of 194 photographs...

    Finca Bellavista: Treehouse Community

    Escape the concrete jungle and come live in a real one! Finca Bellavista was created by Crested Beauty, S.A. to provide an opportunity for a sustainable and harmonious lifestyle in a rainforest environment. Finca Bellavista utilizes hydroelectric and solar power,...
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    Crisis in Panama Leaves Losses of US$500 Million for Agribusiness

    The blockades and protests that began more than 2 weeks ago in Panama against the high cost of living have caused losses of around 500 million dollars
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