The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – A project sponsored by the City of Carthage seeks to develop a program of public transport similar to the Dutch style, the style of Amsterdam, known as the city of bicycles. The municipality is making efforts to develop a bicycle rental program to be used by those who live in the foggy city.

This initiative would provide bike service to visitors who leave the train, for example, and want to visit the major attractions and shopping areas of the Old Metropolis.

There will also be a cycle route where tourists can visit the local museum which is four blocks from the train station, and see the ruins of the Cathedral of St. James or the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels.

The project also will provide this service to students of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and Carthage College, as well as the local population.

For this, the Municipality of Cartago is investing ¢5 million (~$10,000) in 100 bicycles and ¢60 million (~120,000) for the implementation of three stations where the bicycles would be housed.

Rolando Rodriguez, Mayor of Carthage, said the project was inspired by the Dutch culture to promote population health and lower the emissions of fossil fuels.

“Studies show that the main cause of death in Carthage is caused by cardiovascular diseases. It is a project that seeks to improve the health of residents and create environmental stewardship,” said the City chief.

However, the project that has the most support of the Municipal Council, drew criticism in funding.

Vera Céspedes, councilor, said that despite the project’s “noble” sense, it generates doubts about the investments held by town hall.

“Holland gives us the containers to be used as bike stations. However, the city of Cartago will have to invest ¢60 million in its adaptation, and this raises many doubts with me,” said the councilor.

Given the arguments of the councilor, the municipal chief argues that the donation is taking advantage of the Netherlands and that the three containers must fit the needs of the project.

The first phase of the project would start next September.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica


  1. “Holland gives us the containers to be used as bike stations. However, the city of Cartago will have to invest ¢60 million in its adaptation, and this raises many doubts with me,”

    The councilor is correct. ¢60 million to modify three containers is a scam. Buying three containers and having them modified costs 30% less… and that price includes paying for the container.


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