The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – As part of the World Cup, which starts on June 12th, the Brazilian channel Globo – the most important of the country – has issued a series of reports with typical culinary dishes from the 32 participating countries in the games.

The series is called Cup & Kitchen and is hosted by Ananda Apple, a journalist who moved to the city of Santa Cecilia (a district of Sao Paulo) to interview a Brazilian married to a Costa Rican.

So, the night before last, the turn fell to the Brazilians to know about the famous gallo pinto, and Apple began the story saying, “Costa Rica is one of the most developed among Latin American countries, but they do not have much of a story to tell in World Cups.”

Immediately, she begins to detail the ingredients used to prepare the Tico’s gallo pinto: rice, beans, sweet pepper, onion, garlic, egg (fried or scrambled) and plantain, among others.

Subsequently, the reporter talks to Carol Oliveira, who learned to prepare the typical Costa Rican dish thanks to her mother’s mother, Mata Everton.

The report mentioned the “special ingredient” is the Lizano sauce. The journalist was left with the desire to try the famous sauce, sold beyond our borders.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica