Bad Weather in Costa Rica Blamed for High Pineapple Prices in UK

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    According to a new report, pineapple prices have climbed to their highest levels in almost three years and unfavorable weather conditions in Costa Rica is to blame. Costa Rica is one of the world’s biggest growers and exporter of pineapples responsible for almost 90 % of global supply.

    The Grocer magazine reported the average price of a pineapple in the UK supermarkets has risen to £1.61 ($2.40 USD) – up from £1.48 ($2.21 USD) in March, 2015. The price of a pineapple in Costa Rica is about $1.51 USD.

    According to The Grocer magazine, recent cold and wet weather has had a strong impact on the pineapple harvests in Costa Rica. As a result, Costa Rica pineapple exports are down approximately15 % for their first quarter of 2015.

    Wet and cooler temperatures as well as recent activity by Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano and a prolonged “El Nino” have caused a delay in the maturation of the pineapples. Some growers have reported a 20% reduction in shipments to Europe this year.

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