Argentina’s Tenaris Opens New Research and Technology Center in Rio

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The steel giant Tenaris, part of the Argentine group Techint, has opened a research and development center in the technology park of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ ) in Brazil, with which it aims to consolidate its position in the Brazilian market.

    The president of Tenaris in Brazil, Renato Catallini, said in the opening ceremony that the objective of the investment group is to build “strategic opportunity to participate in the economic and technological development of the country, as well as address the unprecedented challenges of the industry.”

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    Also, the president and CEO of Tenaris, Paolo Rocca, stressed the importance of this new center, whose construction has cost $ 39 million, as ” it consolidates a global network research” which complements with four other centers in Mexico, Italy, Japan and Argentina.

    The 40 professionals who will work at the new facility in Rio de Janeiro are interconnected with other 140 that perform complementary work in other factories.

    In addition, relations with the UFRJ allow researchers and students of the institution to work on the premises of the new research and development center, to continue their education.

    The center, according to Rocca, will feature art machinery to enable the company to maintain “the ability of innovation that made ​​us world leaders.”

    He noted that this opening requires a “long-term commitment to Brazil” which plays an important role” in environmental factors ” which, in his opinion, “have never been so crucial as now.”

    “Safety and the environment are priority demands today because preventing environmental problems is a fundamental issue, as it is increasingly difficult to intervene in case of an accident,” he said.

    Meanwhile in reference to the new development opportunities in the field of technological research, the director of the UFRJ Technology Park, Mauricio Guedes, said that in the last 20 years Brazil “made significant progress” to stand as the twelfth country in scientific publications.

    However, he recalled, these investigations have not resulted so far in “capacity of technological innovation.”

    Guedes said that to achieve this, it is necessary to establish agreements between universities and “companies that decide to invest in innovation.”

    In this regard, he noted that Brazil is leading in investigation in agriculture, aviation and oil. For that companies related to these sectors will come to Brazil to promote technological innovation.

    The person responsible for the park also noted that Brazil in recent years improved the legal system to increase research and said that innovation will be a priority of the state, thanks to an amendment to include this principle in the Constitution of the country.

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