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The Best Decision: Camping in Costa Rica

This Caribbean country, whose capital is San José, presents the best face to the adventurous tourist. Can you imagine being able to sleep in the middle of nature, close to the sea and let yourself be lulled by that wonderful sound that nature gives us?

One of the most fun adventures that can be enjoyed, in an ideal plan to execute it with all the family friends or with the couple, this type of recreational activities can be quite cheap. In this sense, Costa Rica offers a wide range of options and paradisiacal destinations to choose from. Here is an important list of the best places to camp in Costa Rica.

Camping is a very popular eco-tourism activity in Costa Rica
Comfortable tent in Costa Rica

Forest of Fraijanes

This is a recreational and camping area with multiple options and different activities to achieve a totally different adventure. You can be in front of Laguna Fraijanes, surrounded by various types of coffee plantations.

Activities you can do: In this Costa Rican natural wonder you can buy food, take a walk with your pet and enjoy cabins, picnic areas, farms, horses, games and more.

Location: This wonderful protected area is 15 kilometers to the north, the road to the volcano, 20 minutes from the city center.

Recommendations: It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes of clear colors, enough water, proper food and some sandwich also carry fruits rich in water such as tangerines, pineapples, and watermelons.

There are lots of things that visistors can do in Laguna Fraijanes.
Happy couple in Laguna Fraijanes

Cahuita National Park

This is a protected area that also keeps an unbeatable amount of flora and fauna unique in its species located in this wonderful area, it keeps one of the most important coral reefs in Costa Rica, also have swamp forests and diverse beaches of fine white sands.

Activities you can do: There are countless activities you can do. In addition to camping, you can also snorkel, observe and photograph the flora and fauna, practice extreme sports of the beach, take walks through the different paths and plant a plant.

Location: This wonderful place is 42 kilometers south of the city of Limón.

Recommendations: The main thing you should know when camping in this natural wonder is that during the months of February, March, April, September, and October are the ideal months to carry out this type of activities related to camping and hiking since they are the least rainy months in this part of the globe, that is, in the Caribbean.

Santa Rosa National Park

This destination, in particular, is a path endowed with a lot of cultural and historical richness. It is worth noting that there is the museum of the house of Santa Rosa. Inside, there are different areas for camping and also how many beaches with lush landscapes such as Naranjo beach and Naciente beach.

Activities you can do: As with the other options, it is recommended to wear light, comfortable clothing with light colors, mountain shoes, carbon, water, a snack, flashlights or lamps, since only the part of Santa Rosa has drinking water and electric light.

Location: This tourist destination is located 36 kilometers north of Liberia, Guanacaste.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

In this territory, there are 2 iconic volcanoes of the Costa Rican territory, such as the Rincón de La Vieja and Santa María.  Also, it has beautiful waterfalls.

Rincón de La Vieja national park has spectacular waterfalls.
Beautiful waterfall in Rincón de La Vieja national park

Activities you can do: You can take walks and picnics; also camping at specific points in this territory.

The Carpenter

This area offers different services such as cabins, meeting rooms and sports areas.

Activities you can do: It is worth noting that here you can take walks and sports activities. All areas have what you need to camp and also with areas for bonfires among other amenities made thinking of the tourist who visits this wonderful space every year.

Location: It is located in the protective zone of the carpentry in Tres Ríos, canton of the Cartago union.

To finish, it is important at the time of camping to take all the forecasts, that is why we present what you cannot stop carrying at the time of starting this adventure. Here are the most necessary items you should have when camping in Costa Rica:

Map, compass and a GPS device are ideal to avoid getting lost.

Lantern, matches, or candles.

Insect repellent and sunscreen.

Appropriate clothing, it is ideal to wear mountain clothes, in light colors and equally ideal footwear for this type of excursions.

First aid kit (this kit must contain bandits, gauze, oxygenated water, alcohol, and if it is of the people who take a specific remedy, you must carry a quantity above what you normally consume). Take enough water, sandwiches, and fruits with you.

Here you have the best options that our country offers to camp out of the routine.