After the stress of the school year and studying, many students usually choose to travel as means of relaxation. Travelling to a new place is also a great way to explore, meet new people, learn new languages, explore new cultures and have fun. However, the thing that restricts students who want to travel most times is money. This is why the most popular travel destinations for students are usually determined based on their budget and how cheap transportation, daily living and accommodation is.

Costa Rica is one of those places that students love to visit. While Costa Rica is not a dirt-cheap place to travel, it is a very affordable place to travel to. Costa Rica is a young generation travel destination because it has a lot to offer people from all walks of life: students, teachers, nature lovers, thrill seekers, travelers, digital nomads, etc. The country is also very welcoming towards young people and has numerous breathtaking scenes, an extremely vibrant culture and outstanding biodiversity. Here are seven arguments why any student has to visit Costa Rica.

  1. Biodiversity

Students have the opportunity to see a lot of animals and learn a lot about biodiversity with a visit to Costa Rica. This is because Costa Rica happens to be a country with a lot of protected forest and reserves where they protect a lot of endangered species (25% of Costa Rica is made of protected rainforests, reserves and national parks). In fact, five percent of the world’s biodiversity is hosted in Costa Rica. There are different hummingbird species in Costa Rica. It also hosts the slowest mammals in the world, Sloths and as you drive around the country, you’re sure to see one or two. You may not be able to see an essayshark or dragon but there are numerous animals you can see in Costa Rica.

  1. One of the best places to learn Spanish

Many students want to learn new languages like French or Spanish but most times they don’t have the time to learn and learning is made difficult when there is no one to practice with. Costa Ricans speak very clear and easy to understand Spanish. In Costa Rica, you’re sure to receive a lot of encouragement if you tell someone you’re trying to learn Spanish. Therefore, they’re the best people to practice your crippled Spanish with. And they are famously friendly to foreign visitors, especially students still learning Spanish. They’ll even teach you some Costa Rican phrases if you’re friendly enough.

If you choose to receive a little formal or informal Spanish education, you’re sure to return back to your home country speaking at least, a little Spanish. Regardless, if you can’t speak Spanish, you don’t have to get worried because Costa Ricans are also enthusiastic about English. You will definitely find many Costa Ricans who can speak English and since English is an important language in Costa Rican tourism and service industry, you’ll get along with or without Spanish.

  1. Home stays

Students can also reduce their travel costs when going on Costa Rican school trips or alone by getting home stays. A student’s Costa Rican experience can become unforgettable if they manage to get home stay arrangements. Costa Ricans are very family-oriented. So, an international student who manages to get into home stay arrangements can become an unofficial adopted child of that home. This way, the people will care for you as a member of the family and you have the opportunity to create a bond that could last for a lifetime.

Depending on the program you’re on as an international student, your personal preferences and how long you stay in the country, you will be allowed to live like a family member, participate in family events, learn and integrate to Costa Rican family traditions, learn new world views, learn how to speak Spanish fluently, and so on. Students visiting Costa Rica have an opportunity to be totally immersed in the culture and daily life in Costa Rica with home stay arrangements.

  1. Practical learning

Students visiting Costa Rica have the access to a lot of resources and hands-on experiences to make learning and college paper writing easier. The country has a lot of respect and a long-standing commitment to education as evident in the 97.8 percent literacy rate of Costa Ricans.

Students interested in biodiversity have the opportunity to visit numerous reserves and protected rain forests to meet with professionals on biodiversity and speak to them one-on-one. Students interested in animals also have the opportunity to look around and see different animals they’ve only heard about or seen pictures of in textbooks. History students interested in Costa Rica history and culture have the opportunity to understand those historic events like the decision to abolish Costa Rican armed forces and the effect of those historic events. Language students can also enjoy in-depth Spanish training.

Costa Rica also has numerous cutting-edge institutions specializing in education and research to assist students writing custom thesis. Many universities have exchange programs and other programs that are highly beneficial to foreign students. There are a lot of museums students can also visit to gain different world views based on the lessons they’ve learnt in Costa Rica.

  1. Adventures

There are a lot of things to see and do in Costa Rica. For students looking for adventures, Costa Rica is a great place to explore. You can zip-line, go kayaking or whitewater rafting at Turrialba. Thrill-seekers have access to scuba-diving, sky diving, cliff diving and many other activities that will get your blood pumping.

There are museums to visit and gardens to be seen like the exquisite gardens in Zarcero City. You can also see the mysterious spheres on the Diquis Delta and speculate with other tourists and locals about what unknown civilization created them.

There are a lot of beautiful beaches you can visit in Costa Rica to relax and have fun with your friends. The Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula is one of them.

There are also volcanoes you can visit in Costa Rica like the Arenal. You can go hiking, camping or even mountain biking around these volcanoes.



  1. Surfing

Apart from being known for its dedication to biodiversity, Costa Rica is among the top surfing destinations in the world. If you’re interested, you can also learn to surf in Costa Rica because there are many surf schools. If you know how to surf or learn how to, you should try surfing on the Nicoya Peninsula.

  1. People, Food, Culture

The people in Costa Rica are welcoming, friendly and literate. Costa Ricans also have diverse and quirky ways of greeting They greet with Pure Vida (pure life) or Que Tuanes instead of Hola (hello). You might also see people carrying machetes around, don’t be scared, it’s a national tool!

Like any country, Costa Rica has its own national cuisines and there are a lot of exciting meals to taste and eat. They also have one of the best coffees in the world.