6 presidents and a prime minister are, up to now, the highest positions that will be present in the transfer of powers in Costa Rica, which will take place this Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at the “Plaza de la Democracia”, in San José center.

They are the dignitaries of Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia, as well as the Prime Minister of Aruba, representing the Netherlands.

They will be joined by 4 chancellors from Venezuela, Uruguay, Perú, and Chile. A large number of deputies, ambassadors, and special envoys will be also attending the important event.

Receiving foreign delegations at the International Airport.
Receiving foreign delegations at the International Airport

For example, Nicaragua appointed the former vice-president, Moisés Omar Halleslevens Acevedo, as his envoy for the transfer. Honduras will be represented by the presidential appointee, María Antonia Rivera.

Mexico appointed Otto Granados Roldán, Secretary of Public Education, as its representative, and Spain will present this through the president of the Congress, Ana María Pastor Julián.

The United States will send the Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta. Countries such as Russia, China and Germany will be represented by their respective ambassadors. 40 other nations will do the same.

There will also be the presence of consuls and members of international organizations and institutions such as the World Bank, the IDB, Unesco, UNHCR, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Earth, Llanud, Flacso, and SICA.