10 Interesting Facts About the Home of the 2014 World Cup

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Brazil, the location for the 2014 World Cup,  is full of curiosities and customs different from those in Costa Rica.  Here are a few things that make this place so special:

  1. The alcoholic drink par excellence is called Caipirinha and is made ​​of cachaça (a type of liquor that is made ​​from sugar cane), lemon peel and sugar. In bars cost between 10 and 15 reais.
  2. Root beer is called Chopp and pronounced “Shoppi”. In bars it costs between 7 and 12 reais.
  3. Napkins in many lanchonetes (small sodas) are plastic and you specify two or more.
  4. The soda par excellence is called Guarana and is made from a fruit of the same name that grows along the Amazon. The best brand is Antarctica, and even is the sponsor of the Brazilian national team. This is served alone or with a slice of orange.
  5. In the south, the mandarin is called Bergamotta, Berga or Dick.
  6. Pinto throughout Brazil is the vulgar way to refer to the male sexual organ.
  7. Hearing a Brazilian speaking Portuguese, there will be certain words that are similar. For example, Facebook is pronounced Face-buki, Ping Pong is Pingui-Pongui, Ipad Ipa-ti is.
  8. “Pinto” is a bad word in Portuguese.
  9. The food in the restaurants sold by the kilo buffet-style and you pay by the weight of your plate.
  10. The nightclubs are called botecos and you pay everything out of the place with a card or commands (sheet).

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica