Colombian Military Patrol Boats in the Waters of Nicaragua

The Colombian military, confirmed Wednesday that several warships remain in waters that according to a recent ruling by the International Court of Justice now belong to Nicaragua.

“There are several objectives, one of which is to preserve life, the integrity of the citizens, especially fishermen engaged in this task in the archipelago (San Andres),” said the Colombian military.

“Likewise continue maritime operations against drug trafficking and to preserve national sovereignty,” the military chief of the army was only following orders Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

Admiral Roberto Garcia Marquez, Navy commander, had told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo that “the presidential order is to keep vessels in the meridian 82″.
The 82nd meridian served as the maritime border between the two countries before the Hague on Monday last week that Colombia’s sovereignty over several islands but the border eastward is Nicaragua’s.

And the commander of the army of Nicaragua, Julio Cesar Aviles, said Tuesday that the Nicaraguan navy was able “to reach the limits of the International Court of Justice has defined”.

The commander of the army of Nicaragua, Julio Cesar Aviles said that the Colombian frigates in the territory now belongs to Nicaragua, the need to “withdraw in obedience to ICJ ruling is not at issue.”

But the Nicaraguan military commander also said ready to cooperate with the authorities and the Colombian military to fight drug trafficking.

Meanwhile the Foreign Ministry of Panama reported that will analyze how the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ) amending of the boundary between Nicaragua and Colombia in the Caribbean to see if this affects their interests.

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